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Strix Sapiens Ltd. is here for you

About us

Strix Sapiens Ltd. is a professional firm providing quality services and advice for your accounting, tax and business needs. Our friendly staff can help you, whether you are a sole-trader, partnership or limited company, no matter how big or small, to fulfil your tax obligations and reach maximum success in your business activities. If you are starting up a business we can help you with the registration and administration. If your business is already up and running we can help you improve its effectiveness – and relieve you from stress – by taking care of your accounting needs, letting you focus on the other important areas of your business. Our rates are highly competitive, because we care about you as well as your business.

Why chose us?

Our accountants hold AAT qualifications and are members of the AAT which is the professional body for accountants registered in the UK. We work to International Accounting Standards, Financial Reporting Standards, and in line with Companies Act legislation. We work closely with our clients to allow a deeper understanding of your particular individual and business needs, to ensure that both your personal and your company’s financial affairs are fully catered for.
In addition, we also work closely with professional web-developers and designers, who can offer you state-of-the-art websites to enable you to present your business to the marketplace, and promote it using effective marketing solutions. You can find more in the web-design & marketing section.
Thanks to the unique combination of the services here at Strix Sapiens Ltd. we can provide you with comprehensive solutions for your business needs, enabling smooth running of your business and enhance your presence in the market, to improve successful outcomes.
We work with the majority of our clients online or by post, so distance need not be a problem, and we can manage all requirements this way so personal contact often is not required.

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