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Strix Sapiens Ltd. is here for you

Strix Sapiens Ltd. Are we legal?

New clients may want to be check that they are dealing with a properly registered and accountable company – you want to be sure your personal and financial details are safe with us. For your peace of mind we are happy to provide the following information to enable you to make your choice

Company House

Strix Sapiens Ltd. is an independent legal entity, with limited liability and as such is registered with Company
House under corporation number 8928303.
You can check out our information, such as the date of incorporation, registered office address and the name of the director by going to this link: (

HMRC Money Laundering

All individuals and organisations who offer certain services, including accountancy, must register with a supervisory authority to follow anti-money laundering and preventing the financing of terrorism regulations. Strix Sapiens Ltd. is registered with HMRC Revenues & Customs under registration number: 12752829. Strix Sapiens Ltd. is obliged to check the identity of every client (and some other related bodies or individuals) and to keep a copy in our records. You can check that Strix Sapiens Ltd. fulfil these legal requirements at this address:
0300 200 3700
Written Enquiries Team, HMRC
MLR Central Intervention Team
7th Floor N/W Alexander House
21 Victoria Avenue, Southend on Sea
SS99 1AG

Data Protection

Strix Sapiens Ltd. does not pass on or sell your data to third parties. In accordance with the Data Protection Act, Strix Sapiens Ltd. has a legal obligation to protect all personal data collected from clients and secure it against unauthorised access. The Information Commissioner´s Office regulates and looks after companies who must comply with the law. Strix Sapiens Ltd. is registered under a reference number: ZA143878. All the registered organisations’ information is accessible to the public on this link: (

Is This A Genuine Website?

You can check the domain name and all the registration details on this link: ( Enter our domain name and you can check that that this website is registered to Strix Sapiens Ltd.

Do Strix Sapiens Ltd. provide a Contract?

You do not need a contract to access our services. However there are certain basic legal requirements with regard to the accountant-client relationship. For these purposes we provide a Letter of Engagement, which is not a contract and is not binding on either side, but is informative, and which provides details about our and the client’s obligations and rights.

If you are still unsure or would like to know more, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions.